Friday, June 27, 2014

publish your book in July for free: FeedARead

I don’t know anything about the following offer, just passing it on. Obviously those interested should look into it carefully before committing themselves.


Publish your book as a paperback in July for free
You can also register  to publish a paperback for free through  Please view authors' feedback about publishing with FeedARead below.  FeedARead authors have achieved two Amazon UK top ten paperback places.

To publish, click here to visit and once joined then click the button you will see to begin publishing, and the feedaread site will take you through the simple process to upload your book and publish. FeedARead also includes paid options to list your book for sale on leading bookseller sites including Amazon. For all frequently asked questions about publishing with FeedARead, which is a separate site, please view the FAQs on the home page.


Elma Schemenauer, author of 75 books published in Canada and the USA, editor of many more,,,


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