Tuesday, October 22, 2013

seeking issue-oriented real-life accounts: New Horizon Press

New Horizon Press seeks non-fiction about life-altering events. Issue-oriented and real-life accounts—NO memoirs, NO fiction (novels). Some categories they’re interested in:

True Crime Stories
Issue-oriented, crime-focused accounts are welcome, as long as there is a hero advancing justice, but no child abuse or incest stories.
Exploring New Frontiers Stories
People who break or dismantle social or personal barriers.
Survivor Stories
Victims who fight back and refuse to be victimized and then fight for the rights of others or a good cause.
Hard-hitting Issues with news impact and publicity value.
Targeted Self-help Topics for general and specialty audiences written by or with mental health and other professionals.
Children's Self-Help titles for our Small Horizons imprint, such as those which teach crisis, coping and service skills, and which are written by mental health professionals or educators.

For more info, visit http://www.newhorizonpressbooks.com/submit.php3


Elma Schemenauer, author of 75 books published in Canada and the USA, editor of many more, elmams@shaw.ca, http://elmasalmanac.blogspot.ca/, http://www.elma03.com.


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