Wednesday, March 6, 2013

review opportunity: Catholic & non-Catholic Christian fiction

I just received this from Arthur Powers of

I am now editing (with Joseph O'Brien) Tuscany
Press bought the site from Idylls - and gave us some backing (we're
still all volunteers, however).

Two points:
1) Do you have any recent books you would like us to review?
2) We are in need of a few additional good reviewers. We cover
everything - literary, genre, juvenile - anything Catholic, much
non-Catholic Christian, secular books that touch on spiritual matters,
etc. Although volunteer, it's fun to review books, and it's a perfect
place for writers who would like a little more exposure, experience,
or just the fun of writing. If you think of anyone, ask them to go
onto and register, or they can simply e.mail me,

Thanks & Blessings, Arthur

Author of The Book of Jotham (Tuscany Press 2012 Novella Award winner)

Elma Schemenauer,, author of 75 books published in
Canada and the USA, editor of many others. Blog Website

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  1. Thanks for this heads-up Elma! I've just submitted Destiny's Hands for possible review.