Friday, February 10, 2012

Richard Wagamese 5 day writers retreat

Richard Wagamese is a nationally and internationally acclaimed author. We're fortunate to have him living in the Kamloops area. He and his wife, Debra, run the writers retreat described below at their home on Paul Lake north of Kamloops.

Richard Wagamese 5 Day Writers Retreat!


This summer will be the second where I am hosting 5 day live-in writers retreats. Last year's was a roaring success and we look forward to another great summer of sharing with emerging and established writers. What I offer is unique because we start with learning to create spontaneous oral stories using traditional Ojibway oral storytelling teachings and techniques. Then, we transfer those new skills to the page. It's actually quite amazing what happens to people. When I taught it at UVic students were clamoring to get me back as a full time prof. Plus, as you will see from the testimonials, the effect is awesome!


I wonder if I could ask you to share this with people you know who might be interested in an innovative and refreshing take at learning to write better and more fluidly. Attached is the outline with pertinent info including testimonials. Feel free to pass on all of it...  Here's the link:


"Changing the world one story at a time..."



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