Wednesday, February 1, 2017

speech recognition

I’ve use speech recognition on my computer for years. It saves my hands and is often quicker than typing by hand. If you have Windows Vista or higher, you probably have Microsoft Speech Recognition built right in. Here’s a simple description of how to find it:

1 Turn your computer on.

2 You should see a Globe at the bottom left. Click the Globe.

3 Then you should see a list that includes Control Panel. Click Control Panel.

4 Quite a long list comes up, sort of alphabetical. Check to see if Speech Recognition is there.

5 If so, click Speech Recognition.

6 Click the various Speech Recognition topics to learn more about it.

7 You need a microphone [I don’t recommend a wireless one because it’s less accurate]. I bought an expensive microphone online, but my husband bought a reasonably priced one at somewhere like Staples. It works fine for him.

[The above procedure might be somewhat different on your computer.]


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