Monday, January 2, 2017

The Peasant's Gold: book about North America's first Chinese Mayor

Peter Wing, a Mayor of Kamloops, was North America’s first Chinese Mayor! Terry Roth, a member of the Kamloops-based Interior Authors Group, has a new book out about him. Congrats, Terry.


Here’s a bit more about the book: At the turn of the 20th century Chinese workers came by the thousands seeking their fortunes on the “Gold Mountain” of North America with the intent of returning to a life of ease in China. A few, like Eng Wing,came to procure “tiles over one’s head and soil under one’s feet” in Canada. His first son, Peter, was raised during the turbulent years of two world wars, the depression of the 1920s and the drought of the 1930s. The Wing family worked and waited patiently through the years of the Chinese Exclusion Act, finally being recognized as “people” and citizens of Canada in 1947.Through decades of political and social prejudice, Eng Wing established his business and raised his children. His oldest son, Peter, became the first Chinese Mayor in North America. This is his story.


The Peasant’s Gold is available online from the following sites.


Chapters Indigo


Amazon Services International [including info in Chinese]





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