Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Marguerite's story in YesterCanada

MARGUERITE AND THE QUEST FOR A NEW FRENCH KINGDOM is one of 30 stories in my new book YesterCanada: Historical Tales of Mystery and Adventure. It starts like this:
It was a sunny spring day in 1542. Marguerite de la
Roche, a dark-haired girl in her teens, stood on the deck
of her uncle's ship. Her heart pounded with excitement
as she watched the coast of France fade into the distance.
She turned to face the blue expanse of sky and
ocean. Seagulls squealed and soared overhead. The air
was filled with the smell of salt water and tarred rope.
What an adventure! She was going to the New World.
What would she find there? She'd heard stories of
the hardships suffered by those who had tried to start
settlements on those distant western shores. But she'd
also heard about the New World's beauty and riches.
Its waters were full of fish. Its forests abounded with
wildlife such as beaver, fox, and bear. Precious metals
might be hidden in its rocks. The French explorer
Jacques Cartier had seen Aboriginal people using knives
made of copper.
The possibility of finding copper and perhaps even
gold and diamonds was one reason for the voyage her
uncle was undertaking. The other reason was his desire
to claim territory for France.
King Francis had chosen Marguerite's uncle, a
nobleman commonly known as Roberval, to act as his
representative in the New World. The king had given
Roberval a fleet of ships and commissioned him to set
up a French kingdom in the western lands. Marguerite
was delighted that her uncle had taken her along on his
exciting expedition.
As she gazed across the waves, her long dark hair
streaming behind her, she became aware that someone
was watching her. Out of the corner of her eye, she
caught the admiring look of a handsome young sailor
who was standing near by, coiling up an anchor rope.
Marguerite blushed and lowered her eyes. Then she
turned and darted away.
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