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good Info about memoirs, agents, etc. from Molli Nickell

gent looking for memoirs, Shark Tank looking for queries



from Molli Nickell,
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Dear Writer,  



Agent Shark Tank: Open for Business~

You get first crack for possible inclusion in a future video episode of the Agent Shark Tank. This means a free, professional evaluation
of your query letter and subject line.

Submissions chosen for inclusion in the Tank will be reviewed in terms of how to revise and restructure to increase the odds that it will be read.

So why request query and subject line? Because, you have to write a captivating subject line to motivate the agent to click and open your query submission. If your subject line doesn't grab the agent, your query flies off to delete-ville and you receive no response not even a standard "not right for our list" rejection email.

BTW: For ease of identification, I use the work "agent"
to describe the person(s) who will be reading your submission. Depending on the number of daily submissions and the size of the agency, your subject line more likely will be read by an acquisitions editor or intern. Once you pass the basic "interest/intrigue" benchmark, your email is forwarded up the food chain. Eventually it will be read by the agent's assistant, and finally, by the agent.


BTW.2 If your query and subject line are selected to be included in the Agent Shark Tank, it's because the portions you need to revise make a great teaching point for other members of Molli's Gang. I never belittle or embarrass writers. Never Ever. I honor your courage to submit your work and grow, as a writer, from the evaluation experience. I invite/challenge you to jump into the water. Submission information is available at Agent Query Shank Tank.


Get Published Now is in the beginning stages of a major overhaul (again). Please think happy thoughts that I (or the trolls) won't intervene and lose most of it (again). I'm open to swapping services with an IT expert, especially one with extensive YouTube experience.


This genre straddles the fence between fiction (it is story telling) and non-fiction, since it represents a slice of a real person's. Submission requirements vary wildly from a single query to the entire non-fiction book proposal. I recommend Michael Larsen's book for the most thorough explanation of what must be included in a non-fiction book proposal. 

BTW: More detailed comments about memoirs are on my blog. CLICK HERE.   

BTW.2 If you would like more frequent updates about all aspects of the learning curve between completed manuscript and agent contract, sign up for the RSS feed and receive brief updates once or twice a week.


CLICK HERE to meet agent Stacey Graham from Red Sofa Literary who is open to submission of memoirs (especially if they're humorous).

That's it for for now. I'll notify you when the next episode of Agent Shart Tank is posted on YouTube.

Thank you for including me in your writing journey. 

May the Words Continue to be With You! 



Molli Nickell     









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