Monday, February 1, 2016

Don't Talk to Me About Love Debut Contest

A new online literary magazine, Don't Talk to Me About , accepts submissions of poetry, short stories, and personal essays all about love. The link to the contest is . Entry fee is $20 for the contest. It’s $3 for regular submissions to the magazine.

Here are more details:




Fiction (maximum 2,000 words)*

Non-fiction (maximum 2,000 words)*

Poetry (1-3 poems per single submission) (total maximum 75 lines)*


FIRST PRIZE: $1000.00 CDN (per category) plus a full manuscript review** by the literary agency The Rights Factory




What does LOVE mean to you? We want your fiction, non-fiction and poetry, exploring love in any of its myriad expressions: romantic, platonic, parental, and much, much more. We know there is a whole world of love out there, and we want to read about it.


All submitted works must be original and unpublished works. All works that have published in print or on the Internet, including self-published works, as well as works that have been broadcast or delivered in front of a public audience, are considered previously published and are therefore not eligible for submission.


Texts must be written in English. All works must fall within one of the following categories and be within the specified word/line count.*


Participants may submit as many texts as they wish in one or all categories. A writer can win only one prize per category. Each text may be submitted to only one category. For each entry, participants must complete a separate submission form and pay the entry fee. Please see complete Submission Guidelines on the Submittable submissions form.


*   Word count includes titles, except poetry. Submissions over the specified word count will be disqualified. Word counts are determined using Microsoft Word’s word counter.


**  Manuscript review for up to 75,000 words for Fiction and Non-fiction; 10,000 words for Poetry. Review will be in the form of a one-hour personal/skype/telephone meeting.


Winners will be announced in June 2016


Thank you for your time and consideration


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