Tuesday, October 20, 2015

the art of letter-writing: Andrew Luba

When did you last receive a personal letter in the mail? Here’s what Andrew Luba says about letters and how they connect people.


The digital age has connected people in a lot of ways, but it has also left a lot of people feeling isolated.  Some people work at their computer all day, only going home in the evening to eat and sleep before dragging themselves to work the next morning.  When you only interact with your computer, life can feel lonely and disconnected.  How can we reconnect people?


Andrew Luba wants to empower people to feel through his Kickstarter campaign, "Solipsism”.  He’s writing letters to you, your friends, and strangers around the world.  He’s using creative writing to bring everyone together to celebrate what makes us human: emotion.  

The money he raises (only $2 Canadian/letter) goes to buying paper and ink, paying postage, and eating food while he writes.  He will send out his laters in November and December.

When’s the last time someone wrote you a letter?

You can order one here by backing his campaign:



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