Monday, June 1, 2015

Mennonite historical & Exodus retold

Author Violet (Sperling) Nesdoly's June 2015 newsletter is out, . Here’s what it says about my novel Consider the Sunflowers:


Mennonite historical. Schemenauer takes us from 1940 to 1947 in the lives of Tina Janz and Frank Warkentin of Coyote, Saskatchewan (a fictional town). This literary tale explores many themes like how we're moulded by early experiences, what love is, the importance of honesty in marriage, the consequences of our choices, what it means to be Mennonite, how a relationship with God is relevant to everyday life, and more. It's a bittersweet and thoughtful story. More information at Chapters online .


Nesdoly's novel Destiny's Hands (for young adults) presents the Biblical book of Exodus through the eyes of Bezalel. He’s a young Israelite skilled in creating artistic works from precious metals and other materials. We encounter him working for the Egyptians, helping to form the gods they worship. His life is fulfilling and enjoyable. His Egyptian masters treat him well because they value his talents. On the other hand, young Bezalel knows how his fellow Israelites suffer, forced to spend long days making bricks under the blazing sun. Then Moses and Aaron arrive with an astonishing message: Trust and obey Yahweh. He will deliver you from slavery. Bezalel is caught between the Egyptian world and the new life Moses and Aaron promise. The story’s key theme—divided loyalties—resonates with many young readers. More information online at .



Elma Schemenauer CONSIDER THE SUNFLOWERS: 1940s-era novel about love, Mennonites, faith, & family. Set in Vancouver & rural Saskatchewan. Order from Chapters online or Borealis Press  . More info at  .


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