Friday, March 6, 2015

new agent: Chila Woychik

Chila Woychik, is closing her wonderfully named publishing company, Port Yonder Press. She recently accepted a position as a literary agent with WordWise. Here’s Chila on what she’s looking for and how to contact her.


“I’m specifically looking for general nonfiction in the areas of Nature/Environmental, Experimental, Memoir, Narrative Nonfiction, Biography, and the odd quirky book. Let me add my favorite of all: Creative Nonfiction, books, essays, etc. In fiction, I'll only have time and interest to look at Literary and Upmarket Fiction for adults. And for  children, realistic contemporary middle grade fiction. 

As per my usual, all manuscripts should have a wide appeal (“crossover”) and fit well within both the general market and a conservative readers’ market. No overtly evangelical works, or genre works, please. I especially look for the literary, the lyrical, and the original. When submitting to me, copy the first ten pages of your story into the body of your email.

I'm working to put together a sheet with more information which will be available on both the PYP site and my personal website within the next few days to weeks. In the meantime, you may want to do a little research on how to craft a good query letter to agents, and how to write a proposal. Here's the WordWise site if you'd like to learn a little more about the organization itself. When you're queued up and ready, you can reach me with your compelling queries here: .”


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