Thursday, May 8, 2014

longtime Kamloops resident Ted Joslin tells his story

Ted Joslin's latest book, an autobiography titled MY STORY, is a good read for anyone interested in Britain in the 1920s through 1950s, the challenges of family life, the emigrant experience, and the beautiful city of Kamloops.

Ted, 93, has lived in Kamloops for more than 50 years. He worked as a city assessor and in real estate, is active in politics, founded the Thompson Valley Orchestral Society, and is a past president of the Interior Authors Group. He loves his city. When he and his young family arrived here from England, he described it like this:

"Kamloops is special in many ways....Surrounded by rolling hills and small friendly mountains, the City of 8,000 bodies in 1957...offered not only good employment opportunity, but almost every kind of recreation one can imagine. Climatic conditions were excellent, providing warm summers, cool winters and an inspiring new creation every springtime."

Central to Ted's story is his personal growth over the years, described with an amazing frankness. He tells his story as it is, not making excuses for faults and foibles, and showing a deep understanding of human nature.

He makes astute observations on the historical events of his time, including World War II and his experiences in the military. His story is shot through with humour, and appeals to all the senses. Like many of us, he hasn't found existence on this planet easy, but in recent years has found new solace and meaning in Christian faith. He ends the book with these telling words: "For all its vicissitudes, I am grateful for the Gift of Life and the opportunity to be a part of the human experience."

Ted's autobiography, MY STORY, sells for $15. It's available at Coles Books in the Aberdeen Mall, Kamloops. It can also be purchased directly by e-mailing him at

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