Tuesday, May 7, 2013

self-publishing firm Draft2digital.com

I don’t know anything about the self-publishing firm Draft2digital.com, but an online friend--editor and author Robert Bacon--who periodically sends out the free online newsletter The Perfect Write, has this to say about it:


Draft2digital.com is a new book aggregator (the word refers to a company that assembles and distributes en masse) and the firm appears to have something truly revolutionary for writers who want to self-publish.  First, it's FREE, and cover templates are also provided at no charge.  The company's promotional material says to e-mail the manuscript in a Word document and the draft2digital will do all the rest.  The real plus, in my opinion, is that a book will immediately be placed with Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Createspace.  Draft2digital.com charges 10 percent of list price (15 percent of the author's net) and receives its commission only after a sale is made. 


Here's a link to the Draft2digital.com Pricing Structure and another to its FAQ page.  The only negative I could see in this whole deal is that there is no ISBN facilitation, which means that the ISBN will be up to the author (my suggestion, for anyone interested in self-publishing via this company, is to purchase a ten-pack through R. R. Bowker for $250 total.)  Frankly, ISBN pricing enjoys an enormous economy of scale, and 1,000 are $1 each.  I imagine a million ISBNs would be pennies each.  So if Draft2digital.com takes off, I predict the company will provide ISBNs at next to nothing for its authors.  In the realm of full disclosure, the firm does not offer editing services but has a list of quality editors it provides for authors who might ask about editorial assistance.  I tossed my name in the hat and asked if I could be included in that list.  


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