Monday, April 8, 2013

Catholics and healthcare providers

Message from Maria Kneusel



I am doing some informal data gathering for a

professional project. The project involves developing teaching materials

to help health care providers learn more about the Catholic culture and

how to provide better care to Catholic patients. If you are a Catholic who

has had an experience with a health care provider within the last 5 years,

I would appreciate your help.

Health care providers include

everything from nursing assistants, nurses, doctors, chiropractors,

dentists, physical therapists, or any experience at a hospital, clinic,

nursing home etc.

To voice your thoughts on this topic please fill

out the following survey. All answers are confidential.

Thanks so much!Maria Kneusel




Elma Schemenauer, author of 75 books published in Canada and the USA, editor of many more,,,


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