Friday, March 15, 2013

Amazon's new literary imprint, Little A

I'm not sure what opportunities the following information might pose
for aspiring writers but it's interesting to know that it's happening.

Amazon Publishing will now publish literary fiction, story
collections, and memoir under what they are calling a new literary
imprint, Little A. That imprint will also publish a digital-only
series "focused on short stories from debut writers" in North America
and the UK under a separate moniker, Day One. The launch titles for
Little A include A.L. Kennedy's just-published THE BLUE BOOK, Alison
Lynn's THE EXILES (July) and James Franco's ACTORS ANONYMOUS (10/15).
Day One officially started with Kodi Scheer's February 5 Kindle Single
story, "When a Camel Breaks Your Heart." Next up is Bridget Clerkin's
"Monster," releasing March 19.

Print editions of Little A will continue to be published as part of
the New Harvest line, and will carry the logos of both imprints:
Little A/New Harvest. Chip Kidd designed the logos for Little A and
Day One.

Elma Schemenauer,, author of 75 books published in
Canada and the USA, editor of many others. Blog Website

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