Tuesday, February 26, 2013

opportunity: American Revolution romance novels

A message from editor Jamie Wilson:

Over the course of a decade, everything changed in America. Men and
women of all races and backgrounds fought and suffered and died for an
ideal: freedom. Starting with events around the Boston Tea Party in
1773 through the Philadelphia Convention in 1787, their blood and
sacrifices gave birth to a new nation. Their revolution supporting a
cause, not a king, changed the nature of revolutions. And their
children and grandchildren transformed the world.

Liberty Island is proud to announce the opening of a new line of
historical romance set during these years. We are looking for books
with strong, passionate female leads and heroic heroes who are
dedicated to the cause of liberty.

. Must be set at least partially in the Thirteen Colonies or the
newly-formed United States.
. Must be set during the years 1773-1787, preferably earlier on this
. Accurate history - do your research!
. Approximately 50,000 words of tight prose
. Low to moderate sensuality that moves the story forward.

Beyond these parameters, the sky is the limit. We are open to creative
ideas, unique storylines, and crossed genres. New writers and indy
writers are strongly encouraged to submit. Liberty Island pays an
advance plus royalty commensurate with industry standards.

Please email your story arc, a one-page synopsis, and any publishing
history (including independently published works) to Jamie Wilson,
senior editor at Liberty Island Press, at kywrite@gmail.com with the
email header "LI Submission: Historical Romance".

Elma Schemenauer, elmams@shaw.ca, author of 75 books published in
Canada and the USA, editor of many others. Blog
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