Thursday, November 10, 2011

FIT FOR FAITH by Kimberley Payne

From my front door here in Kamloops, British Columbia, I can walk 164 steps and reach the foot of a mountain slope, which I try to climb regularly. As I climb and as I descend the slope, I pray. Kimberley Payne's book FIT FOR FAITH: 7 WEEKS TO IMPROVE SPIRITUAL AND PHYSICAL HEALTH operates on a similar principle, though it's much more comprehensive. The book, which marries fitness and faith, is full of valuable and inspiring ideas for improving both.  


Payne's chapters are short, which helps maintain reader interest and motivation. She backs up her recommendations with many inspiring Scriptural references. She also provides references to other useful sources; for example, cookbooks featuring healthful recipes.


I enjoy Payne's imaginative and specific style of writing. For example, she says we can pray about anything including "finding your keys in a marsh." She advises us to "use peace as your yardstick" when deciding which foods to eat. If you don't feel peace about it, i.e. if you suspect it's not good for you, quit eating it.


FIT FOR FAITH includes several useful appendices. Among them are "Home Fitness Test," "Strength Training Exercises" and "Stretching Exercises." OK now, I need to get busy. First I'll test how much my mountain-slope climbing and other exercises have done for my fitness. Then I'll get going on Payne's suggestions for improving it and my spiritual health.


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