Wednesday, September 22, 2010

literary agents and publishers

Are you seeking a literary agent or publisher? Here are a few free websites that may help. There are many others but these are among my favorites.


1. Guide to Literary Agents. You can subscribe at:
Every day or two they e-mail you free information about agents.

2. Agent Query. You can subscribe at Wide range
of resources here.

3. Preditors and Editors. You can visit at Their aim is
to help authors evaluate publishers, publishing services, agents, etc. This
includes  alerting people to individuals and organizations that might be
problematic to deal with.

4. Absolute Write. You can visit or join at Provides author help of various kinds
including a forum discussing literary agents and authors' experiences with

5. List of literary agents in Canada [courtesy of The Writers Union of

6. Directory of publishers and literary agents in Canada

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  1. This is helpful information. I plan to direct a writing friend to read this.

    Just wanted to let you know that my Bible study for grandparents is now published. You can learn more here:
    Help me spread the word as you can.

    Lydia Harris (aka Grandma Tea)