Thursday, February 4, 2010

faith and fiction

I'm interested in how religious faith, especially Christianity, is expressed in fiction (or not expressed even if the author subscribes to a certain faith). As I investigated the topic a bit, I came across the following websites. The first two deal with science fiction/fantasy. The third is more general. Hopefully I'll blog more on this topic in the future. If you have insights and information to add, please leave a comment. Thanks.

Science fiction/fantasy authors of various faiths—Christianity in its various forms, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, etc.

Religious science fiction links and major books—

Authors who are converts to a different religion—


  1. Hi Elma:

    I have just finished reading an excellent, new fantasy novel by a Canadian Christian: Mike Mason. It's called "The Blue Umbrella". It has plenty to reflect upon, concerning spiritual things, for those who are so inclined. On the other hand, it isn't so "in your face" as to concern unbelievers. I highly recommend it.


  2. I recently read a book entitled "A Child of the King" by Bill Bright. In the vein of C.S. Lewis, the kingdom's of Prince Morning Star and Prince Abaddon battle to win the hearts of the people of the land of Withershins. Facinating read geared to young adults.

  3. Recently read "The Seventh Beggar" by Pearl Abraham, and the reason I read it was because it was supposedly an effort to re tell or continue a famous jewish story, which is included in the book as well. I found the historical jewish story interesting, and thoughful. I struggled with Pearl's story as I didn't grasp how it was connected to the original.

    However, it is an intersting topic, as writers introspective nature tends to bring to the fore belifes they work thru one way or another.