Monday, January 4, 2010

computer hard on your eyes?

Before you try changing the way your monitor displays things, it's a good idea to click "start, control panel, display." You should see a thing called "theme." This refers to the colors and sizes of things you see. It's a good idea to save the "theme" you currently have in case you want to go back to it later. You can save it like a normal file. Later when you click on it, the screen should return to looking the way it did before. Here are some of the changes you can make. [They may not work quite the same on your computer.] 1. Click "start, control panel, display, screen resolution." Then set the screen resolution to the lowest you can. Also set the color quality to about 16 bits. 2. Click "start, control panel, display, advanced." Set the DPI setting tolarge. While you're at the advanced screen, you'll see a button called "monitor." Click on this and set the screen refresh rate as high as it will go. This is important because it reduces flicker, one of the biggest causes of eye strain. 3. There are other things you can do via the "appearance" section of "display." Like change the sizes of icons, the fonts for message boxes, and similar, and the colors in which things are displayed. I think it's better to change the DPI before fooling around with this. It does take experimenting to get it the way you want it. Again what you can do is save various "themes" until you discover the one you prefer.


  1. Congratulations on starting your new Blog "Elma's Almanac". Your posting on Monitor Adjustments is a keeper and is sure to lengthen and strengthen viewing time for many of your followers.

  2. I'll pass this on to my husband who claims his eyes hurt. Why? He spent the day on the computer.